5 things to do to generate more business from your website.

Emmet McEvoy

Emmet McEvoy

Search & Content Executive

13th August 2020Design & Creative

Your website is your shop window.

An effective website is vital to your online digital presence. Too much noise and irrelevant info will drive customers away.

You need to show that you can deliver something your customers need. Sounds simple, but why are 80% of brands not doing it?

We’ve put together five of the most important things that your website needs. Do these five things and we guarantee your leads will increase.

1. Make your main proposition the highest priority on your homepage

First of all, identify who your customer is. Your messaging needs to resonate with them. Write your copy for them, not yourself.

Work out what your customers’ problems are and why they need your product or service. The user needs to understand what you offer straight away.

Your messaging above the fold (i.e. what the user sees before they scroll down) needs to be short and enticing. Your tagline should be easy to understand.

It should also focus on the product or service that generates the most revenue. You can explain everything else when you have the customer hooked.

Content above the fold should meet one of three criteria. It should state exactly what your business does, promise to solve a problem or promise a desired identity.

Don’t make your customer work hard to understand why they need your product or service. Make sure they immediately know what’s in it for them.

Look at this example. You know instantly what Abbey offers.

abbey website above the fold

2. If you want business, you need to ask for it.

Clear CTAs are key to a successful website. They’re key to changing website traffic to conversions.

It doesn’t matter what your campaign objective is. Maybe you want a viewer to buy a product, or download a PDF, or sign up for a newsletter. The CTA is key to guiding the viewer in that direction.

The centre of your main banner is a key spot for a direct CTA. You should place a CTA in the top right-hand corner of your website. It should be a different colour to the rest of the site, so it stands out.

Your CTA should be varied across your website. The viewer needs to see them several times before they breaks through the noise.

Make it easy as possible for the viewer to carry out the option you want. Make it easy to convert.

3. Images of success

You don’t need to rely on words to make an impact. Images allow you to communicate with your customer and tell your story.

The thing to remember here is that your website isn’t a vanity project. It’s a shop window.

If you walk past a high street shop, you won’t see pictures of their building or team in the window. They’ll show products or services or offers to entice customers.

Use your imagery to show happy customers.

Make them relatable and authentic, in keeping with the story you’re trying to tell. Paint a picture of what life could be like if the customer buys your product or engages with your brand, like our client Co-Own have here.

co ownership image of success

4. Simplify the menu

You might have a lot going on in terms of the products or services you offer. We do too, and it can be hard to communicate this in a simple manner.

Your best bet is to categorise your services into two or three revenue streams. Focus on your outcomes. Ours are Strategy & Consultancy, Design & Build and Marketing.

This simplifies your offering and makes it easy for customers to understand how you can help them.

Overloading your viewers with information will drive them away. Describe your offering in the way your customers would talk about it. Simplify your offering and make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for.

Which leads us to…

5. The less you say, the more they’ll take away

People don’t read websites nowadays. They scan them. It’s human nature to make sense of things in the quickest possible way.

For that reason, content needs to be brief, easy to consume, relevant and relatable. Relatable stories are a good way of packaging complex information.

Content with paragraphs of text are just noise. They won’t get through to a viewer and are wasting valuable real estate.

If your content does contain lots of text, try using images or bullet points, or even keep the first line or two and use a ‘Read More’ CTA. That way viewers have a choice rather than being overloaded with information.

origin fewer words


Those five basics are the key to an effective website.

Responsive design and original content are important but you’ll only see the benefits if the basics are in place.

They give your website the platform to succeed.

We’ve been building websites since 2006. Get in touch if you want to make your website as effective as possible and maximise its potential.

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