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Jill Robb

Jill Robb

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16th June 2020Growth Marketing

In Episode 2 of The Ideas Society, Jill chats to Cool FM's Pete Snodden.

Cool FM Radio Host and Broadcaster Pete Snodden joined Jill on this month’s episode of The Ideas Society to chat about his thoughts on life, creativity and giving an audience what they want.

Find out how Pete has been dealing with lockdown and learn more about how your ideas can be heard.

What is Pete’s favourite part of his job? Who were his musical and broadcasting heroes growing up?

What’s it like to work on Cool FM’s record breaking breakfast show, Pete Snodden in the Morning?

And what’s the key to creativity?

Find out in episode two of The Ideas Society.


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The podcast is also available on your choice of provider, including Deezer, TuneIn and Podchaser. Just search for ‘The Ideas Society by Origin’.

Episode 1, Design For Life with Conor Brady, is available here.


We really hope you enjoy listening! Keep an eye out new month for a new episode of the Ideas Society.

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