‘If you believe all you hear, you’ll eat all you see’.

Jonny Kelly

Jonny Kelly

Creative Director
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29th April 2020Agency

That’s what my dad would say to me as a youngster, when I recounted unlikely tales and facts I’d picked up during the day. I’m not sure its widely used phrase, it could be an Irish derivative of the more well known adage ‘don’t trust everything you see, even salt looks like sugar’?

Either way, it has never been truer than today as we consume cyber tonnes of news content and empty the contents of the fridge on a daily basis.


Now we’re in week 6 of our comfortable confinement, what have we observed?

  • The government can find money when it needs to.
  • We really rely on those in positions of power, so we should be very careful about who we put there.
  • Cash really is king.
  • Crisis brings both danger and opportunity.
  • Not only does ‘the Donald’ think the sun shines out of his oval office. He also believes he can shine it into us too!
  • Some sections of the media and public life, (the tangerine tyrants of the world) have transitioned to the ‘blame & scapegoat’ stage.

Some say we went too late, others say too early, some say we shouldn’t have gone at all. Some say lock, others say open, some say loosen. Many want someone to blame, but don’t quite know WHO.

They are miffed that Boris didn’t show up for the first 5 Cobra meetings? Apparently he was already ‘working from home’ at a 17th century mansion in Kent and also distracted by Brexit Day. (if anyone remembers that?)

Who would have believed that sort of behaviour based on his prior conduct, eh?

But we’re all glad to see him back in rude health for the glory run. (hopefully)

Meanwhile, we watch, we wait and we ponder…

What has our restricted existence taught us about ourselves?

  • We can run our agency pretty well from home. (Thanks to the amazing people we have in our team.)
  • There’s a never-ending list of things to do around the house.
  • Coffee isn’t as good when you make it yourself. (Cafe Nero, I miss you)
  • It doesn’t take long before all of your cups and glasses are in the dishwasher.
  • You can be more creative when you have fewer choices.
  • Teachers don’t get it easy. (I already appreciated that…my wife is a teacher 😉)
  • 8 hrs sleep really does make you feel better. (Unless you had a zoom cocktail party the night before)
  • Alcohol does improve your life. (If taken in moderation of course – see previous)

After a period of frenetic activity we seem to have normalised and got some perspective.

The initial flurry of government, business and domestic (wfh, homework, DIY…) activity has calmed to a more manageable and sometimes frustrating cadence.

In our homes, families, businesses and communities, we are trying hard not to follow the poor lead of some in the media and on the public stage. Patience, empathy and compassion need to be our anchors.

Be grateful for the time we’ve had, and the time remaining at home. We are unlikely to be as ‘connected’ and ‘together’ for such a time again.

We’ll maybe get a glimpse of it at holiday times (which will be even more precious) and have fond recollections of the walks, games and chats we had.

We will always remember those that suffered, but also those that didn’t because we all stayed at home.

There is a lot to be done at home and work to see this out, adapt and recover. But we can take confidence from what we have achieved together so far. As we move forward we should focus on that, whilst being selective about what we choose to believe as we try to avoid eating ourselves into another crisis.

Thanks for reading, you can find parts one, two and three here.

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