Understanding Your Customer.

Jonny Kelly

Jonny Kelly

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24th June 2020Customer Experience

Part 1 of our series on the principles of selling digitally

A few weeks ago I looked at how building trust is key to selling in a digital world.

One of the principle factors of building trust is understanding.

The key to being heard, understood and engaging is to understand your listener.

That’s where to begin your sales and marketing strategy.

Starting anywhere else is inefficient, expensive and relies on massive amounts of luck.

Some businesses are selling the right way to the wrong people.

Some… the wrong way to the right people.

Some… the wrong way to the wrong people.

Lasting relationships are built by; aligning your value proposition with your customers’ needs in a way that is more attractive and better than anyone else, then communicating with them in a relevant, empathetic and valuable way.

You must get to know what matters, what interests and motivates, what they talk about, what concerns them and how do they live their lives in the real and digital worlds.

Does your audience want deals, convenience and speed or do they value experience and exclusivity?

Do they think a lot about buying your product or service or is it a more impulsive decision?

When are they likely to need you, where are they likely to be?

There are lots of gaps to be filled in, but from this foundation you can start to build your value proposition and marketing platform. You can figure out how you want people to perceive you, where you sit in the market, how you are going to connect and what differentiates you.

How do you get this understanding of your customer?

To understand your customer, you need to observe, listen and be greedy for data and information. The information and tools available to do this are smarter than ever before. Gather a healthy mix of qualitative and quantitative evidence because people don’t always say what they mean.

Find out what are people doing, what they are saying and work out how that helps shape your strategy. Use this intelligence to discipline your communications, content and campaigns and learn & improve as you go.

As has been the case for a while and even more so today, digital is the arena where the understanding, communicating and success will take place. Just make sure you are working back from your understanding of your customer and not just pumping out self-indulgent, irrelevant fluff to people who couldn’t care less.

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