Media Planner.

About the mission

Your role as a Media Planner will reside in the Strategy & Planning team working closely with the campaign team to ensure campaigns are being meticulously planned in line with the client brief and objectives.

Your mission is to ensure that campaigns are being planned and executed to an exceptionally high standard meeting the objectives of the overall strategy.


  • Work with the client and the campaign team to understand the client's business objectives and strategy.
  • Liaise with the content team, clients and consumers to develop media strategies and campaigns.
  • Work on multiple projects at the same time, often for several different clients.
  • Make decisions on the best form of media for specific clients and campaigns.
  • Undertake research and analyse data using specialist industry resources.
  • Identify target audiences and analyse their characteristics, behaviour and media habits.
  • Present proposals, including cost schedules, to clients.
  • Recommend the most appropriate types of media to use, as well as the most effective time spans and locations.
  • Work with colleagues, other departments and media buyers either in-house or external agency.
  • Make and maintain good contacts with media owners.
  • Manage client relationships to build respect and gain their trust in your judgement.
  • Proofread advertisement content before release.
  • Maintain detailed records.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns to inform future ones.

Experience & Personality

  • Highly Organised
  • Meticulous planner
  • Left Brain thinker!
  • Creative
  • Detail orientated
  • Work under pressure
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Advisory / Consultative capabilities


Is this you?

Think you've got what it takes? Forward your CV and reason on why it should be you to [email protected]