Facebook Pages To Show Admin Names Beside Posts.

Jill Robb

Jill Robb

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23rd October 2018Uncategorized

As you may be aware, you can have multiple admins for any one page so keeping track of who’s posting what and when can be difficult. But as of 20th February, it will get a whole lot easier as Facebook release its’ latest update – admin name tags beside posts.

From tomorrow, an admin name will appear below a post on a page, reading ‘posted by’. The same will occur when an admin posts a comment on a page; it will state ‘commented by’. However, it’s worth noting that this is for internal page use only meaning it won’t appear on the page to the general public i.e. – fans of that page. It will only show for other admins and owners.

So what’s the benefit?

The benefit is that there is total transparency across all use of that social channel. It means that should there be anything posted that breaks the rules or policies of the organisation for example, it is clear who the blame lies with. But not to look solely negatively on it, it also means that should there be a post created that gains a lot of interaction and coverage, you can reward and praise the admin for their efforts.

Admin names will also appear within the ‘Page Activity Log’ section of the page so everyone is aware of which admin has been interacting with a page and what they have scheduled for distribution.

One thing to remember is that this feature isn’t retroactive so only posts and comments after 20th February 2014 will have an admin name placed along side it…

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