If jerry maguire did digital..

Jonny Kelly


Jonny Kelly

Creative Director
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What makes a really good sales person?

Ok, let me rephrase to the past tense as they are almost extinct… What made a really good sales person? We can probably all think of one… an old boss, a family friend, Jerry Maguire (not a ref for anyone under 30).

How did the sales person behave?

Energetic, good talker, good listener, well presented probably?

You would listen to their stories, they’d make you smile, you’d feel better after being in their company.

They were focused on matching your needs with their value – ‘Help me help you’ as good old Mr Maguire put it.

They would make a difference to your life in a positive way and trust meant everything.

How does the digital world behave?

Today, we live and work in a world where the separation of the brand and the customer is widening. Globalisation and digital communications mean we rarely get a chance to talk to our customers face to face and our transactions are mostly done via a device.

The questions is, how do we recreate the experience that the expert sales person delivered within the new digital world in which we operate?

First off, I don’t think Jerry Maguire would have been doing close up selfie-videos and posting them relentlessly on LinkedIn. Or running bland digital ads that no-one sees or remembers. Lets get that straight.

Listening, understanding, telling stories and making a positive difference for our customers should be the goals and guiderails of the digital strategy.

We need to think like good sales people, using digital tools, authentic stories and customer experiences to get as close as possible to our customers where we can build meaningful relationships.

Maybe we’ll reposition ourselves as the Jerry Maguire of Digital!

We complete me.

Origin is a digital-first creative agency and we love to tell stories and build things.


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