If Jerry Maguire did Digital.

Jonny Kelly

Jonny Kelly

Creative Director
Strategy, Creative and Curious

18th June 2019Growth Marketing

What makes a really good sales person?

Or if you’re to believe those days are gone, what used to make a really good sales person?

We can all think of one… your old boss, a family friend, eccentric uncle, or if you’re lucky enough to be older than 30, Jerry Maguire.

Energetic, good talker, good listener, sharp suit? You’d be captivated by them, hung on every word. Focus was always on matching your needs with their value – ‘Help me help you’ as Mr Maguire put it.

They made a difference to your life in a positive way and trust meant everything.

In contrast, how does the modern world behave?

Today, we live and work in a digital world. The separation of the brand and the customer is widening. Globalisation and digital communications mean we rarely get a chance to talk to our customers face to face and our transactions are done online via peripherals.

How can we recreate the experience that the expert sales person delivered within the new digital world?

Let’s get something straight from the off – Jerry Maguire is not Gary Vee. Relentless dribble on LinkedIn might work, but those selfies and playing buzzword bingo will catch up to you.

Listening to and understanding your customers is essential. Telling stories and making a difference is essential.

We need to think like sales people, using digital tools, authentic stories and customer experiences to get as close as possible to our customers. Then we can build meaningful relationships. Everyone wins.

N.B. We even dug out the amazing track from the infamous Show Me The Money scene. It’s the 1996 classic “The Wrong Come Up” by LV, and sounds as good now as it did then. 

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