Ireland’s Ecommerce Website: Shocking Results.

Jill Robb

Jill Robb

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23rd October 2018Strategy

Having analysed a bulk of Ecommerce websites belonging to retail businesses across the island of Ireland, we stumbled across some pretty amazing ecommerce statistics!

Some might even describe them as ‘Shocking’. Nevertheless, we at Origin Digital felt that we needed to share them with you – ATTENTION fellow retailers!

So, What is E-commerce?

E-commerce definition:simply put, is commercial transactions carried out online. We analysed a multitude of Irish Businesses with E-commerce website functionality. The industries represented were specifically retail, and ranged in size; from small startups to larger organisations and well established brands. We averaged Website Visits, Ecommerce Conversion Rates and Bounce Rates across all website platforms including Desktop, Mobile and Tablet, to ensure that the larger websites with the most traffic didn’t distort the results.

Ireland’s Ecommerce Stats…

Across the breadth of Irish ecommerce retailers we looked at, our findings indicated that Desktop represented an average of only 39% of the overall traffic to Irish ecommerce website of traffic, with mobile overtaking this in 2015 accounting for 43% of visits. Visits from Tablets surprisingly accounted for only 18% of traffic to ecommerce websites in Ireland. This is quite a substantial indication that consumers in Ireland are becoming more and more comfortable in using mobile devices when making purchasing decisions.However with Desktop visits to websites still maintaining the highest conversion rates on average with 3.54%(average mobile conversion rates came in at just 1.46% whilst tablets came in at a 2.8% conversion rate) it shows that whilst Irish consumers are happy doing the research via mobile devices, they are not just as keen to do the actual purchasing on a mobile device (although those using a tablet are slightly more comfortable in doing so).

Mobile also had the highest bounce rate (41.72%), meaning that almost half of the potential consumers that visited these Irish Retail Ecommerce website on mobile viewed just the landing page before exiting the website. This behaviour is also more typical of users who are in ‘researching’ mode/ mindset, nipping into a site to check something (such as a price?) and back out.

Whilst desktop remains the highest converting medium across Ecommerce retail websites in Ireland, mobile has clearly become a hugely important factor in the buyer decision making process.Late last year Forbes and Google both stated that mobile traffic had finally taken over desktop in up to 10 different countries, and our review of ecommerce statistics in Ireland prove that this was also the case across Irish retail websites in 2015.

Whilst desktop remains the highest converting medium across Ecommerce retail websites in Ireland, mobile has clearly become a hugely important factor in the buyer decision making process.

My Opinion

These results for me were surprising, as a former ‘shopaholic’ it was more often than not my mobile that I reached for to bag myself a few treats, but this didn’t seem to be the case for the rest of the Irish consumer market.

Or was it??

With great skepticism we gritted our teeth and begun rapidly rummaging through floods and floods of analytics to figure out exactly WHY desktop was receiving so much traffic credit. ‘Why’,is possibly the most critical part to any question when it comes to Ecommerce, Marketing or Business. According to the Content Marketing Institute Asking ‘Why’ helps us get to our larger story.

And that my friends, is so true! By simply asking ‘Why’ we quickly realised what was going on, the majority of these retail businesses with Ecommerce website functionality were NOT mobile-friendly! This explained why they had the highest bounce rate and the lowest Ecommerce conversion rate.

Back Up From People That Know:

What is horrifying though for these retailers is that in the face of Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon’ algorithm update, they may not appear on SERPs as Google’s aim was to phase out any websites that are not mobile optimised. Whilst Google’s philosophy centres around the death of desktop, retailers should really be focusing more on mobile and placing their money smartly on mobile investment. With a mobile-friendly site these Irish Retail Businesses can ensure that they catch every single online customer coming through that funnel!

Econsultancy have our backs with this one, their recent survey discovered that 23% of the Top 500 retailers have a transactional app, and 20% have native apps. For the remainder of retailers without a mobile-friendly site, 80% will be allocating at least 21% of their digital budget to mobile over the next 12 months. If you make up part of that 80%, be smart with your money and go mobile!

Check out your analytics and let them speak for themselves!

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