Irish Firms #BeastfromtheEast Tweets Keep Everyone Entertained On Twitter.

Jill Robb

Jill Robb

Digital Marketing Director
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23rd October 2018Uncategorized

As the Beast from the East continues to cause havoc across the UK and Ireland, like mostly everyone we’ve been checking out the latest on social media.

We couldn’t help but notice that whilst most brands are routinely dealing with queries and complaints, there are some who are showing that they still have time for a bit of banter and craic!

Humour, it seems is keeping spirits high- with Irish companies/ organisations in particular leading the way on the ‘Laugh Out Loud’ stakes- and it seems that their followers and customers are appreciating them keeping things light in such difficult weather conditions.

Check out some of the funniest #BeastfromtheEast Tweets that we saw yesterday:

Irish Rail:

irish rail beast from the east tweet

This isn’t a social media approach / tone of voice that everyone can pull off… but these Irish organisations/ brands are continuing to win fans even when the weather delivers them lemons… or blizzards as the case may be.

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