New Vlogger Guidelines from Advertising Standards Authority.

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Jill Robb

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22nd October 2018Strategy

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) announced new guidelines for vloggers today (26th Nov 2014) around the clarity of paid for content ‘advertising’ in videos.

The ASA is clear about their stance on advertising: it must be easily identifying. However vloggers (Video Bloggers) and some other digital forms of media have blurred the lines some what with some vlogs that have been produced not being easily identified as paid advertising.

The ruling today referenced a case where a range of vloggers all produced video content about Oreos cookies and were paid to do so, which was subsequently uploaded onto YouTube with links to other Oreo Cookies’ Lick for It campaign videos.

The ASA Ruling stated that:

“The ads breached CAP Code (Edition 12) rules 2.1 and 2.4 (Recognition of marketing communications). The ads must not appear again in their current form. We told Mondelez UK Ltd (Owner of the Oreo brand in the UK) to ensure that future ads in this medium made their commercial intent clear prior to consumer engagement.”

So when is a vlog a vlog and when is a vlog an ad?

Where an advertiser has paid for and has editorial control over content produced by a third party, in the case above: the vlogger’s YouTube videos, this has to be made clear upfront. The ASA are advising vloggers that ultimately: Honesty is a must. Be honest with your audience is you are being paid to product content on behalf of an advertiser.

Their overarching message is:

“… it’s perfectly legitimate for vloggers (or bloggers, tweeters etc) to enter into a commercial relationship and be paid to promote a product, service or brand. We’re not here to regulate that relationship or to stop vloggers earning money. But when that commercial relationship is in place then the onus is on the advertiser, and by extension the vlogger, to be upfront about it and clearly disclose the fact that they’re advertising.”

If you are a vlogger and need further clarification on these new vlogger advertising guidelines, see the ASA Website.

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