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22nd October 2018Uncategorized

Businesses have been evolving for some time now in their usage of and approach to ‘digital’ as it’s most frequently referred to now, or ‘web’ as it was referred to back then. Businesses are becoming more comfortable with digital across the board in terms of how it is embedded into their strategy, marketing and their overall presence.

For a while the buzz around web 2.0, mobile and in particular social media had businesses rushing out to ensure they had a Facebook page. Most however didn’t stop long enough to consider why. It’s a silver bullet, right?


Your business no longer exists in an offline world irrespective of the sector you are in. Your customers, clients, peers, competitors- they are mostly online. But just because you have a Facebook page and a website doesn’t mean that they will find you- or even look for you!

A digital strategy should be incorporated throughout your business strategy. It can help you plan a way through the online maze to ensure that your brand is visible online at a time and a place where your customers are looking for your products or services. The web is not what it used to be in the early days and work no longer stops because you have a website. In fact, the work is only beginning.

Today businesses have so many digital channels that can be used both strategically and tactically to build your brand. The flexibility of these mediums is behind such marketing successes as the Oreo ‘Lights Out’ social media campaign (which afforded Oreos the opportunity of a great piece of reactive digital marketing when the lights went out at the 2014 Superbowl. The blackout scenario and the right message meant an avalanche of social media activity for the brand.)

However behind such great campaigns are three things: Digital, Strategy and a Team.

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