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Jill Robb

Jill Robb

Digital Marketing Director
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15th October 2018Growth Marketing

Today I was speaking at an Event called Mashup MENA in Kuwait, the brain child of CODE, on Ecommerce providing attendees to the session with 10 Digital Marketing Confessions of an Ex Retailer.

One of the areas I touched on was content, which is one of the most important factors in digital for a number of reasons including:

  • #Conversion (product description content)
  • #Engagement (on site and via social media)
  • #Storytelling
  • #SEO

When using content for the first point- in other words to SELL, it is important that you first of all write for your audience (which involves firstly doing the research to find out who your audience IS) and then writing in a way that will appeal to your customer. Then comes the art of selling with content, and there are a number of selling words that you can use in online content that will assist you in virtually ‘selling’ your product or service.

Selling Words That Can Help Increase Online Conversions

The following words, when used appropriately within content or within Headings to really provide an impact can help you increase conversions. (Some of these words work well across all of the sectors I have included below and are not necessarily constrained to one or the other):

Products/ Services

Amazing Customers will respond to something if they are told that is incredible Easy Let customers know how much easier the product will make their life- and make the checkout path just as easy Discover Something new and unknown. Has supreme benefits and gives the customer an edge Elite Your customers are among the best in the world. Creates the feel of a highly desirable club Huge A large discount or outstanding offer is difficult to resist You – Encourages customers to internalise your brand/ see how it might help them/ make their lives easier etc Caused by caused by, therefore, and thus can help reinforce the logic of a purchase Powerful your business, product or service is robust Safe and effective Proven to minimize risk perception for health and monetary loss New– Cutting Edge, Recent, Up to Date Free – It’s a no brainer! Customers have nothing to lose by taking a Free product/ service or even free content (and they will often reciprocate by giving you data in return- such as their contact details to allow them to access the free content).

Online Retail

Discover Latest thing on the market, Haute Couture, gives you (the customer) an edge, appeals to Early Adopters Bargain Because customers want a great deal, remember? Secret Not everyone knows about it, its exclusive, only certain people will succeed in finding out about the product/ be successful in purchasing it Premium Helps denote high quality Everything included/everything you need We have everything you need (products and/or services) to buy in order to achieve your goal.

Financial Services

Guaranteed Provides a feeling of trust, the perception of less risk Save The most powerful word to showcase monetary savings, or even time savings InstantInstant access to quotes for example is more appealing than waiting – provides instant gratification No obligation Safer, allows engagement (and the collection of data) without commitment- often a win-win situation for your customers 100% money-back guarantee Again, no risk Wealth A word people aspire to have/ maintain. A really desirable word for customers if you are selling products/ services related to money.

We hope this gives you some inspiration to kick start your online content into converting!

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