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Jonny Kelly

Jonny Kelly

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14th May 2020Agency

Longevity is not as easy as you'd think.

To stand the test of time in business you must be consistently good at delivering value for your audience over a sustained period. To do that, you must be very clear on what you’re good at and where you add value. You must also stay relevant and adapt to change, whilst not forgetting why you exist and why you are valuable.

I was thinking about this whilst winding up my watch this morning. Yes you heard me, some people still wear wind up watches. I was given one a few years back and only started wearing it recently (possibly as some weird symptom of this slowdown).


But anyway, I was thinking…

It is a very simple time-piece, but the craftsmanship and quality is undeniable. If you look after it and wind it up, it tells you the correct time and looks good on your wrist for casual or formal occasions. That’s what it’s done for nearly half a century and it knows what it’s good at.

It’s smart, but it’s not a smartwatch. It’s accurate, but it doesn’t need satellites. It lets the phone and stopwatch do their job while it does what it is best at.

The watch is confident in itself and its value has remained through the decades. It also benefits from its brand. That has been looked after too, and is probably stronger than it was when this particular piece was made.

I turned this thought towards our business… Origin.

We’re not quite the same age (Est. 2006), but in digital years we’re creeping up there.

Recent events have jolted us into defensive action to protect our team and customers. They have also given us the opportunity to re-assess, think and be creative.

The airs and graces of ‘normal’ business have evaporated. Talk is straight, briefs are simpler, meetings are more direct (often including a family member in the background) and empathy has heightened.

Presenteeism isn’t as important as we thought at work, but it is much more valuable than we realised at home.

We have cut-out the BS, shut-out the noise and focused on what we were created to do and where we provide the most value. We have also become more aware of our brand, (business and personal) what we stand for, and the responsibility we have to uphold it through how we communicate and behave.

Good companies will use this experience to gain clarity, energy and direction.

At Origin, we know we will have an important role to play in helping our customers use digital creatively to be successful in the new landscape of life and work.

At home, many of us have a clearer picture on what is important and what we need to improve at. In the future this will be meshed even closer with our ‘work mode’ and balance will be key.

The lockdown and slowdown has revealed that some of the things we thought we needed or thought we should be doing, we actually didn’t.

Maybe this watershed is just the ‘wind-up’ we need to re-focus on what we were made to do, and go ahead and be the best we can at that.

The time is right.

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