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Jonny Kelly

Jonny Kelly

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14th May 2019Strategy

Most people couldn’t care less.

The Advertising and Digital world has long been obsessed with reach, awareness and similar vague and vacuous numbers. In a world where the clamour for our attention is growing at lightning rate, these numbers are getting further and further away from a real connection and conversations with the customer.

89% of Advertising isn’t noticed or remembered (this is according to Dave Trott, so it must be true) 

Unless you have unlimited resources you must find creative ways of finding and having valuable conversations with customers who may need/want what you have to offer.

Focus on talking to smaller audiences of the right people.

Our territory is digital. If yours isn’t, it should be.

It’s where people live, and where communication at scale can be done most effectively. But even with the power of scale, time and money can be wasted on people who couldn’t care less about what you’re saying or doing.

What do we do with a problem called ‘attention’?

I’d like to take you to a hotel where you’re attending a networking event (or Mixer to my US friends) to generate new customers for your new product.

You arrive in a room full of people most of whom you don’t know.

What do you do next?

Firstly you should have done some research on who was going to be in the roomBut let’s assume Linkedin helped you with that and you have a few people in your sights.

You don’t have all night and you want to avoid looking like obnoxious idiot shouting at everyone or a shallow speed networker who gives everyone the same wet handshake and cheddar topped spiel.

You quickly find a friendly face and make your way towards them smiling with hand outstretched for a firm oxytocin fuelled handshake. (Impact) For those moments, that person should become the most important person in the room.

You’ll start with general chit chat about the event (context), you’ll ask them about themselves (personalisation), then you’ll pitch your business (story). After a while if the connection isn’t there, you’ll politely retreat and take your conversation to someone more interesting.

But… if there are enough warm feelings you’ll start to delve into more detail about each other, deepening the connection.  If you are lucky you may discover that there is potential for one or both of you to add value or make a difference to the other.

Most often, a successful outcome is an exchange of details and commitment to talk again. (A qualified lead – woohoo!) You hope they’ll remember you the next day and maybe they’ll even tell someone else about you.

You repeat the above until you run out of time, friendly faces, or the will to live!

I have obviously described one to one interactions in a slightly disingenuous environment, but Is this any different from the way a brand or business should communicate with its audience via digital communications?

Research / Targeting / Storytelling / Engagement / Customer Experience  

At a networking event, your story needs to mean something to the customer because you are competing for their attention on the night. In the world of advertising the story needs to mean something because you are competing with the rest of their lives!

Focus on the people who give a sh*t and who you can make a difference for.
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