The Fall Of Vine.

Jill Robb

Jill Robb

Digital Marketing Director
Strategy, Growth and Stylish Analytics

23rd October 2018Growth Marketing

It would seem that the popularity of vine is falling and significantly.

In 2013, the Vine round-ups were exceeding 5,000 page impressions a month, then in the first half of 2014 around 3,000 impressions, now they barely break the 1,000 mark.

Vine may say that this is a natural plateau and that every new social media platform will have a spike and then a drop off, but many think that this plateau is more related to their rigid functionality, its non Facebook integration and the rise of Instagram.

There’s no doubt that the role of Instagram and its own video making tool, introduced late 2013, has definitely caused Vine’s growth to slow. And where Vine has slowed in impressions delivered Instagram has grown.

The very fact that users and marketers are limited to a 6 second video loop has meant that creativity quickly peaked and that the tight constraints of Vine itself mean only a relatively small amount of formats can actually work well. It would seem that once users exhausted the use of this 6 second loop, they have moved onto more engaging platforms like Instagram.

It would seem that the brands who used Vine and created great campaigns were quickly copied and have since moved on. Figures show that 4 times more brands prefer Instagram over Vine and with 300m monthly active Instagram users compared to Vine’s 40m, it’s easy to question what the point is?

Figures show that 4 times more brands prefer Instagram over Vine

Vine may have reached its ceiling and would need to revamp itself in order to stay current and appealing question is will it be enough to get people to return and reinvest time and effort? Or is it more likely they will stay with the more adaptable and innovative platforms they now engage on..?

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