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Jonny Kelly

Jonny Kelly

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23rd October 2018Customer Experience

The world of healthcare is under pressure, under-performing and under funded. Digital is crucial to improving the experience and outcomes for all stakeholders in an intelligent and sustainable way. Origin Digital want to help make that happen.

We spend a lot of our time on commercial work. Thousands of hours coming up with ideas, experiences and campaigns to drive sales, audience engagement, brand awareness etc We are good at it and it has been good to us. We’re also good at designing solutions to problems. We analyse, research and take a user/customer perspective to re-imagine processes and systems in order to deliver valuable experiences and platforms for our customers.

Over the past 2-3 years it has become clearer that the combination of skills and experience within our team can benefit the greater good. Maybe its because we are getting old (12 yrs old this year) but we are really passionate about designing and implementing products which improve the way we live and work.
One of the areas that interests us most, and which affects us all is Health & Wellbeing.
Digital transformation is critical to deliver the necessary improvements in; care, efficiency and customer experience for those giving, receiving and managing healthcare.

Healthcare Technology

There is a lot of work going on to digitise processes and manage data and also a wave of apps (patient and clinician) which have struggled to gain traction. In the UK this is in part due to the lack of a cohesive transformation strategy across the many headed monster that is the NHS. However, there is also a job to be done to change the culture, perception and habits of healthcare users.

The world of fitness has had some significant success with Fitbit, Garmin and Apple leading the way with wearables and sensors talking to Apps which make us more aware and help us understand our activity and rest.

This trend seems set to continue with current players innovating and investing further e.g. Apple HealthKitUnder Armour SmartshoesSamsung Gear Fitpro and new players entering the space e.g. Nokia with a range of tracking and monitoring products following its acquisition of Whitings in 2016

The movement towards mindfulness and minding your mental health have played out strongly on digital, with meditation and relaxation apps becoming a staple on smartphones e.g. Headspace and Breathe.

The movement towards mindfulness and minding your mental health have played out strongly on digital, with meditation and relaxation apps becoming a staple on smartphones

Switching back to the national system, and due to pressures on the current infrastructure there is a major emphasis on self-service for the patient. This ranges from access to health records, appointment booking and prescriptions ordering to telemedicine (talking to your GP via video call) and remote monitoring. Artificial Intelligence is also being used to triage and channel people to the appropriate advice or service.

As is the case in many large enterprises, compliance and security (and procurement processes) are potential blockers and impediments to progress. The security of data is paramount, but its needs to be in the cloud to provide the agility and interoperability required to be efficient and collaborative. The maturing world of Blockchain will also be key to securing patient records etc.

Our Efforts

So far, Origin’s work has been to help progressive teams within the health service and sector to prototype and pilot ideas in an agile and creative way, with a really focus on the customer (Patient and Clinician).

We are working on projects to help people manage anxiety & depression, control their alcohol intake, access their medical records and talk to their GP. We are also working on projects to help clinicians manage patient pathways, assist student doctors with precision learning.

We approach all of these projects with the customer front of mind, totally unburdened by bureaucracy or legacy. That’s what we think it takes to create great products which provide successful outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

If you are interested in this area or have a project you would like to discuss, please get in touch!

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