The Importance Of The Delivery Experience.

Jill Robb

Jill Robb

Digital Marketing Director
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22nd October 2018Growth Marketing

As we discussed before in a blog in a previous blog, the Ecommerce Experience Doesn’t Stop on the Thank You Page.

An article released by Econsultancy reveals just how important the delivery experience is. Delivery is crucial. A smooth and confident fulfilment process is key to a retailer’s success in retaining and meeting customer’s expectations. Unfortunately for the vast majority of retailers it’s also an area where they have less direct control, having to outsource to third party couriers.

So what do consumers want from delivery?

In a nut shell:

– Clear, accurate tracking online.

– Informative, proactive communication (text, phone or email updates). SMS can be great for this.

– Good levels of communication when problems (inevitably) occur.

– Non premium rate phone numbers to call at the courier.

– Greater levels of support from the retailer. Retailers cannot palm off responsibility to the courier, the customer didn’t have a choice of courier the retailer did and customers will hold the retailer, not the courier responsible so be proactive and own the issue.

Speed of delivery is also important, but cost of shipping is a major cause of basket abandonment, particularly when the full charge isn’t made clear up front.

Speed of refund and ease of returns will also have a huge impact on returning customers, so in a competitive marketplace, delivery and returns are ways for retailers to differentiate themselves.

As a keen online shopper I know who I will and won’t use, based on quite a few of the above criteria missing from my shopping experience. A smooth shopping experience will see me happily return, store details and set up a shopper account without issue, for those who have easily confirmed my purchase and disappeared, with me waiting expectantly, and unsure of my delivery well, they are but a distant disgruntled story I’ve shared with friends and colleagues…

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