The Need for Digital Transformation in Local Government and Councils.

Jill Robb

Jill Robb

Digital Marketing Director
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15th October 2018Uncategorized

Digital strategy and digital transformation is a bit of a buzzword at the moment. However reducing digital transformation to a buzzword somewhat detracts from it’s key importance and the role of digital strategy in local councils.

Many organisations have realised that digital is key to improving efficiencies, communications and business analysis / insight to name just a few, but most local government organisations are struggling to understand where to begin and how to approach digital strategy.

What is Digital Transformation?

At it’s core digital transformation is about using technology to accelerate and enhance business processes- and acceleration is not a term usually associated with local government and councils- which is why the opportunity that exists in this sector is so large. Origin are familiar with the immediate opportunities available to councils in Northern Ireland, having just completed the digital transformation strategy for NI Water, another large organisation that was facing similar issues. In larger organisations such as the new ‘Super Councils’ departments can exist in silos- and this can be exacerbated by physically separate locations- which may of the new council structures in Northern Ireland face. These silos can also result in the slowing down of decision making across councils, and digital strategies where developed alongside the organisation and in line with business plans, can increase the agility of councils substantially.

Digital strategy for councils offers a unique opportunity to use technology to help diminish these issues of internal silos and increase internal communications and efficiencies. Like NI Water, most councils in Northern Ireland have identified the need for a digital change, however it is important that they take counsel and direction from outside companies who understand and can apply the principles of digital transformation, as well as support them in the ultimate roll out of these strategies to provide them will a strategy suitable for the structure and culture of their local government organisation. The effective roll out of a digital transformation strategy offers councils in Northern Ireland a huge opportunity to increase internal comms, agility, efficiency, effectiveness and even insight into key stakeholders.


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