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Natalie Gray

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15th October 2018Agency

The Origin Story So Far…

Origin started life as Origin Partners in 2006, founded by Jerry Staple and Jonny Kelly – two entrepreneurs with a vision to build a creative digital agency focused on helping companies and brands digitally transform and remain current in todays ever changing world.

“The world is constantly changing which is why it has always been our aim to create an agency that is current and modelled around the needs of today. We want to be an agency fit for today with an eye in the past and the future to ensure we are relevant in the present.”

Origin Partners

Origin Partners focused primarily on ecommerce, content managed websites and email marketing, but there was always hunger to innovate, push the boundaries and be different.

“We started to experiment with touch screen and touch window technology, designing interactive applications for windows in retail outlets. This was really new stuff at the time and it took us way out of our comfort zone” says Jonny. Interactive touchscreen experiences were created for well known brands such as Alfa Romeo and Carphone Warehouse. Two huge interactive windows in Carphone Warehouse’s flagship store in Oxford Street London was a break-through project which generated a lot of interest in the industry and put Origin Partners firmly on the map.

Jerry and Jonny were intrigued by mobile technology at a very early (pre-iPhone) stage, and worked with WAP and SMS technologies to try and engage audiences. When the iPhone (2007) and subsequent App Store launched in 2008, the guys immediately realised this was an exciting opportunity. ‘I had been to the Apple WWDC in California in 2008 and got a real sense for where things were going. We got into it very quickly and started skilling up and experimenting with native technologies for iOS and then Android’ recalls Jerry.

Over the next 4-5 years Origin Partners became a leading player in the mobile space with a prolific output of mobile apps which solved problems, started businesses and engaged audiences for major brands such as Chain Reaction Cycles and the BBC. Origin developed a reputation as the ‘go-to’ mobile agency, winning numerous awards and accolades in the UK and Ireland. As the digital market began to mature, the Origin leadership team became aware of the need to extend their value beyond purely executing and producing great digital experiences.

‘There was a clear need to help companies and brands shape their strategies within their existing business and marketing strategies. We also knew the key to long term partnerships was to help our customers make their digital perform and deliver valuable results on an ongoing basis’ comments Jonny.

Origin Digital

With that motivation, Origin decided to broaden its scope beyond mobile & web technology to become a full service creative digital agency. To help expedite this process Origin Partners acquired Ambition Digital, an exciting tactical agency led by experienced digital marketeer Jill Robb. Origin Partners was re-positioned as a full service agency and re-branded as Origin Digital, with Jill becoming a Director. “It made total sense for myself and the Ambition team to join forces with the guys at Origin. We had already worked on a lot of projects together and knew the chemistry was right. The bigger agency gave us the capability and scale to go after clients and contracts that weren’t possible before.” says Jill.

As the leading creative digital agency in Northern Ireland, Origin now provides brands and organisations with an end to end digital service through; Strategy & Consultancy, Creativity & Technology and Marketing Growth & Performance.

The agency has a team of the most talented people in the industry and works with fabulous roster of clients.

The Digital landscape is dramatically different from the early days of the company and its changing more rapidly than ever. This is what continues to drive the hunger and passion that has been there since day one.

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