The Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaign.

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Jill Robb

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15th October 2018Growth Marketing

Roses have Reach, Violets are Viral, Sugar is Social but not as Cute as Content!

According to Google Partners, 1 in 3 consumers begin churning the Valentine ideas wheel earlier than we think. Google Trends have shown that in 2015, consumers were interrogating Google and Youtube for romantic Valentine's Gift Ideas from as early as 7th January, that’s 6 weeks in advance!

Whilst, this might have you panicking about what to buy your loved one this Valentine’s, these stats have a whole other kind of meaning for E-commerce. Whether you’re an Agency, Marketing Manager or a Local Retailer it’s time to get in the mood for love and start flirting with SERPs for that top position. So, rather than write an article on Valentine Gift Ideas, we thought it would be better to outline An Ultimate 3-day Marketing Campaign for all you last minute marketers, that will allow you to utilise Valentine’s Day as the perfect seasonal opportunity to generate sales. Although we use the obvious example here, of Valentines, these marketing ideas can be tailored to suit any seasonal marketing campaign, such as Easter and Mother’s Day – because they also creep up on us!  

Wait No Longer to start your Valentines Day Marketing Campaign!

According to Google Trends, Jewellery searches are up 42% on last year across categories, implying that 24% of shoppers are planning to buy their loved ones something sparkly this Valentine’s Day. Gifts (27%) and flowers (18%) were closely followed.

Question:Is your product or service likely to see an incremental search uplift?

If so, get it in front of shoppers whilst they’re researching. According to Google the most popular search time is between 6pm-10pm and 37% of 2015 Valentine’s Day traffic was on mobile, growing 40% YoY. So it might be a good idea to ensure that your website and marketing campaign is mobile friendly. Google Analytics is a goldmine of intelligence that allows you to adjust keywords and targeting.

Day One: Knowing your audience

The First day of setting up your creative Valentine’s day marketing campaign should be spent planning and getting to know your audience. By knowing what your they are doing and who they are, you can directly target them and get your products in front of them, in a time of desperation. Depending upon your marketing campaign objectives, you can choose whether you want to attract new customers by excluding previous buyers in order to guarantee full reach, or perhaps you would like to retain your current customers and target them directly. However it is important that you let the analytics speak for themselves.

Day Two: Decide on The Best Marketing Channels For Your Campaign

Social Media

For all businesses, there is an online rule that is to utilise Social Media. From Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest we have got it ALL covered. Of course, that’s not to say, if you don’t have one of the above channels, you create it. That’s not the case, it is important that you stick to what you know and what you’re good at.

Snapchat is a creative valentines tool which is perfect for a teenage audience. However, Social Media Week warn that it must not be a one-man band, it needs to be accompanied by other channels.Twitter and Pinterest are utilised by many online retailers such as Tiffany & Co. Their valentine promotion of, Win hearts this Valentines Day has been integrated across both channels. They continued to promote the ‘Love’ theme on twitter, tweeting hashtag #LoveisTiffany which according to Keyhole, has almost 10 Million impressions Music to their brand awareness ears!

Facebook on the other hand is a completely different platform which is much more appropriate for sending personal messages. A well implemented, creative valentines Facebook promotion can romance any consumer, and turn them into heart-warming leads.Instagram can be utilised in conjunction with other social media platforms to provide consumers with ‘Instagram Inspiration’. According to AdWeek, Instagram has over 60.3 million users, but beware if you have a senior target audience for your campaign, as it seems that they aren’t too fond a selfie.

PPC Agency NI

Our partners at Google suggest that due to the increase in mobile usage, you should boost your mobile bids. By putting more money behind mobile you can keep above the fold, however it is important to monitor this and check your mobile position daily. Valentines Day falls at the weekend, therefore it is critical that before leaving the office on Friday you increase your bidding budget by at least 20% for all those last-minute Larry’s.


Seasonal SEO focuses on optimising your site for seasonal keywords. Valentine ideas is a sky high search phrase. A season changes the way people interact with search engines, and it’s your responsibility to exploit this opportunity. Optimise your site for seasonal keywords and create relevant content to get more exposure in SERPs.

Email Marketing

So before y’all get busy and get carried away with all these fantastic ideas, do not forget to harness your own network. You have previous consumers that have actually taken the time to subscribe to your newsletter, they want hear from your brand as much as the next person. For example, our client O’Neills have implemented a creative Valentines Email marketing campaign that specifically targets previous customers on Valentines.

Day Three: Action

Now that you have invested huge amounts of resource into choosing the best tactics for your Creative Valentines Marketing Campaign, it’s time to press play and watch the traffic flood to your website. Although, y’all were a little pushed for this Seasonal Opportunity, hence the 3-day Marketing Campaign – you can start planning Easter and Mother’s Day? Good Luck.

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