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Jonny Kelly

Jonny Kelly

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30th October 2018Strategy

Content Strategy

We find ourselves talking about content a lot. We’re told that Google wants good content and that is true but in most cases Google doesn’t buy your product or service and most of us aren’t in business just to keep them happy, right?

The starting point when considering how content can help your business is to give strong consideration to why and who you are creating the content for.
That is the foundation of your content strategy.

Content strategy? What the hell is a content strategy?
Let me explain in the next few hundred words.

Very simply, your content strategy is about why you are creating content, who that content will benefit and how you will deliver it in a valuable way that makes you different and better than the rest.

Lets look in a bit more detail at the Why, the Who and the How…


What is the motivation and objective for your content efforts? Typically this will be along the lines of generating new business leads, increasing revenue from existing customers or building an audience/influence.
But what does it look like in numbers? How many people need to consume and react to your content to make that happen?
It is amazing how this is forgotten or too vague to be measurable.


Who are you trying to reach and communicate with and how is your content going to help them in a way that also helps you? Detailed thought must go into profiling your audience, understanding what motivates them and analysing their behaviour when they research, search, consider and buy the product or service you are selling. When you understand your audience you have a better shot at having relevant conversations, answering their questions, alleviating their concerns, educating them and generally being useful in their lives.


So, this is where it gets a bit trickier. How are we going to deliver content to the Who to make sure we achieve the Why?
You need a plan.
That plan should detail things like…Resources/Budget, Channels, Tone of Voice,Themes, Tactics, Schedule, Measurement and Control.

My advice would be to make sure you continually sound-check your plan against the Why and the Who, be authentic and stay true to your brand, and be honest.
The plan has to be realistically deliverable and measurable.

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