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Jonny Kelly

Jonny Kelly

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21st May 2019Strategy

Don’t ask ‘How do we use digital in our organisation?’ Ask Why.

‘We need a digital strategy, we need to be investing in digital, we need a digital marketing plan.’ You may have heard or even said those words at a business planning or strategy meeting. But the questions and analysis must start way before those statements are made. 

The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights. 
Muhammad Ali – The Greatest 


Why Does Our Business Exist

The thinking starts at the grass roots, the front line – why does our business exist, why do customers choose to do business with us and how are we delivering or not delivering on that mission and those commitments.

Those two areas require a lot of research and discussion, but I am going to summarise and generalise this in order to keep this article under 500 words and let you get on with your life…

The ‘why we exist’ question is really important to how you position and communicate your proposition to the market. This should clarify who you exist to serve, what position you want to occupy in their mind (Economy, Luxury, Speed, Service, Quality, Aspirational) and also the Culture of the organisation. This understanding is essential in planning how your business looks, sounds and behaves in the eyes of your audience and also when no one is watching.

How this plays out on digital should be combined with in-depth knowledge of how your customer behaves on digital and the context in which you will be relevant and valuable to them.


How Do We Deliver Greatness?

Depending on the operating model of your business, the ‘how you deliver’ has many facets. Sales, Marketing, Service, Operations etc

Each point on the customer journey and the journey of the product or service through the business needs constant analysis from the perspective of quality, efficiency, innovation and viability. The points of friction and sub-optimal performance can then be identified and plans to address them formulated.

When we have run these miles and have this knowledge we can ask the question ‘How do we use digital?’, then you are ready to dance under those lights!

We are working with some great companies who are winning in their weight class. If you would like to get into the ring, let me know.

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