Top Trends for Your 2017 Digital Marketing Strategy.

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Natalie Gray

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15th October 2018Uncategorized

2017 Digital Marketing Trends

It’s no surprise that developments in the digital world get our team excited. We love learning and expanding our knowledge so that we can perform better for both ourselves and our clients.

As the new year approaches we’ve outlined the following key digital trends that are worthwhile employing in your 2017 digital marketing strategy.

Content Marketing

This has been a hot term for a few years now, but statistics show that businesses are learning to be more strategic with how they use content marketing. By entertaining your target market with high quality content, it IS possible to inspire consumers whilst educating them about your offering. In turn, you can review data to identify which content works for you.

Whether your content marketing tactics involve blogs, eNewsletters, infographics or webinars, we believe this will continue to be a big trend in 2017.

Mobile Marketing

As a digital agency, we know the importance of responsive websites and email templates, not to mention the rise of the app development..

Many businesses have fallen into the trap of forgetting about mobile after the 2015 ‘mobilegeddon’ but there ARE opportunities to capitalize on. Mobile has a big impact on search marketing and businesses should pay attention to mobile SEO in line with Google’s recent mobile index and AMP announcements. In fact, Google have also been building out their ‘mobile first’ strategy which will impact Google AdWords and how businesses use PPC. 

If you’re interested in expanding your mobile knowledge and how it can improve your business, contact Origin’s Client Services team today.

Social Media

With various social networks reaching and engaging with different audiences it’s no wonder social media continues to be a staple tactic in digital marketing strategies. It provides the opportunity for businesses to share useful content, showcase a personality and avail of  fun features such as live streaming or image filters.

It is interesting to note that engagement levels on Facebook and Twitter are slowing down with organic reach on Facebook in some cases being reduced from 15% to as low as 2%. On the flip side however popularity of Snapchat and Instagram is on the rise for both users and advertisers.

One thing for sure, businesses will need to ‘pay to play’ when it comes to social.

Marketing Automation

Although businesses are aware of automating marketing activity, a recent Smart Insights report shows 18% admit to not using it and 28% barely use the features available to them. As a digital agency we find this very intriguing. We know how useful streamlining tasks such as email marketing can be in terms of efficiency and productivity. We believe this marketing automation knowledge gap will begin to close in 2017 as more businesses refine their processes and learn intelligent insights from their predictive analytics.


Like them or not, wearables are one of the hottest consumer commodities on the market. Whether you’re an Apple watch owner, a fan of augmented reality or a Fitbit enthusiast, the popularity of wearables continues to grow. In fact, here at Origin Digital we’re a big fan of our Virtual Reality headsets and we believe they will become a bigger trend in 2017. We look forward to exploring how wearables work with websites and apps in the future.

Big Data

Big Data is a VERY hot buzz word but how do we actually use data to strengthen our digital marketing strategy? The answer is to use marketing applications to gather insight and predictive analytics on your market and customers. Our datanomics blog outlines how 90% of today’s data has been created in the last two years. That’s huge! Therefore, it’s fundamental businesses use their data to uncover trends and capitalize on opportunities right in front of their nose.<

Internet of Things

One of the most relevant marketing technology applications is of course, Internet of Things. IoT offers valuable insight into customers’ mind and its quickly changing how our daily lives operate. It is estimated that there will be 50 billion IoT sensors by 2020. Considering that is only three years away, it is without a doubt that IoT will continue to disrupt business models and transform our activity in 2017.


As we have previously mentioned mobile and social are set to be a 2017 trend, so what happens when you combine the two? Online Advertising. In 2017 consumers will notice more retargeting and programmatic ads appearing on their newsfeed as businesses cleverly create ads to make users convert. If you’re looking to explore Display advertising contact Origin, we love running visually creative display campaigns.


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