We Are Unlikely to be the Right Digital Agency for You..

Jonny Kelly

Jonny Kelly

Creative Director
Strategy, Creative and Curious

24th February 2020Agency

There are too many chemical factors working against us.

Let’s face it, most contacts we make, companies we meet and proposals we write, don’t turn in to new business.

Why is that?

Assume we’re talking to the right person and they have a relevant requirement. What could go wrong?

There are a number of logic based factors;

  • Fit – Too big, too small, wrong skillset, wrong team
  • Pitch – Not creative, too creative, wrong process
  • Budget – Too expensive, too cheap
  • Competition – They were better

In most cases it is one or more of these which end the romance before it has begun.

How do we have the energy to keep networking and keep pitching?

I believe it is these knock-backs and feedback that help us find our market, find what we’re good at and hopefully find the right type of customers. 

They are the fuel to keep getting better.

But even when you’ve seemingly got it all right. There is another factor.  Yes, another one that makes it even more unlikely that we’ll work together.

Chemistry. The chemistry just isn’t right.

It’s tough to define but my best effort is that its a mysterious mix of shared ideas, goals, values, personalities and the magic of human connection.

How do we get that right?

Hey, if I knew that I would be writing this from my yacht in Monaco and not my desk in Holywood.

But my guess is that it boils down to a few things and these are the things we invest all of our energy in at Origin. 

Our story is based on them and we try to live it;

  • Culture – Work with People who share a vision, ethos and ethics 
  • Creativity – Think differently to create value where others can’t 
  • Honesty – Talk, share, keep promises, stay true to the mission 
  • Longevity – Stick around and good things will happen

Those are the chemicals that we have woven into the DNA of the agency and those that we look for and need in the partners and customers we work with. When the formula doesn’t work (which is most of the time) it usually comes down to one of the first three.

But, when it does work its magic. Sparks fly, great things happen and we work together successfully for years to come.

The right chemistry crosses sectors and borders and enables us to work successfully both internationally and locally with large enterprises, ambitious start-ups, household names and new brands. 

Chemistry bonds our team and produces an environment where people and ideas thrive.

Most of the time we are looking for partners and customers who don’t focus on the logic. They trust the chemicals are there in the right amounts to deliver the logic in an amazing way.

Anyway, its a shame that we’ll probably never experience that with you as we are unlikely to be the right digital agency. 

But there’s nothing wrong with a few dates eh? You never know…we might share enough of the right chemicals to make this work 😉

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