Well, That Escalated Quickly!.

Jonny Kelly

Jonny Kelly

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3rd April 2020Agency

Thoughts and perspectives from the Origin team during lockdown.


Happy New Year! kiss kiss

‘Yeah, that’s weird what’s going on in Wuhan. Where the hell is Wuhan anyway?”

“Apparently it came from snakes or bats or something. Sure they eat mad stuff out there, bound to happen at some stage.”

Business as usual…

Happy Valentine’s Day! kiss kiss

“Hold on, this thing is in Italy now. I know some people going on a ski holiday next week, better watch themselves.”

“I see there’s a few cases in the UK… idiots off skiing and then bringing it back ffs, get them quarantined.”

Dinner & Drinks, Yay! hugs and kisses

“What the hell is going on in Italy btw?”

“Can they not get a grip on this?”

“Seems to be a gathering speed in the UK now – that’s a worry, but they’ll get it under control.”

Visit to the parents and grandparents

Wash hands repeatedly, talk about the pros and cons of stockpiling toilet roll and what will happen with the Premier League.

‘See you at the weekend!’ (elbow bump)

Texas trip to #SXSW


Damn, there’s always next year.

Quiet moment

Stroke chin, get paranoid about having hand on face.

“Let’s take a look at the stats, we don’t seem as bad as China or Italy, the chances of getting it are low, right?”

“Hang on this is where Italy was 2 weeks ago ffs!”

“What are the government doing, can they not get a grip on this?”


Team Briefing

All good, our culture and processes will help the agency through this.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Raise a glass on FaceTime



Wow, that escalated quickly.

“Right, we all need to get a grip on this…”


What do we do now?

Stay calm, reassure everyone… the team and our customers. As an agency, we’ve got this.

Reassure self. Breathe…

I see the guys in Dublin are working from home. We better get a contingency plan together, this is coming.

What can we do? Most things.

What can’t we do? Very little.

Let’s do it then!

Morning agency stand-up meeting via Slack

“What did we get done yesterday, happy with what you’re doing today?’

“Any good shows on Netflix?”

“All stocked up on beer and wine?”



Keep working, keep talking, keep delivering, keep morale up.

Doing all we can is all we can do.

Check back next week for more thoughts and perspectives from the Origin team!

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