What is a Normal Day Now?.

Jonny Kelly

Jonny Kelly

Creative Director
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8th April 2020Agency

This is part two of our Notes From a Creative Digital Agency series. Feel free to read part one if you haven’t already.


This is the new normal, or so they say…


But it’s far from normal, unless I’m not doing it right?


We have work organised and we’re managing well. So far so good.

Exercising most days and not gaining ‘pandemic pounds’.

The garden is looking great and the paths and patios have been power hosed into submission.

Only having wine or beer at the weekend (but have now included Thursday in the weekend).


Just when I think I’ve got into the groove I hit a flat spot.


“Could I have done more today? Are we looking after our team and customers as best we can?”

“No, I’m not playing any more football today son. I’m 43 yrs old!”

playing football

(The Kelly garden league)


“Can we leave the TikTok dance routine until later sweetheart?” (my daughter, not wife)

‘I’ll maybe go for that run tomorrow evening. It’s important that I watch The One Show now.”


I think it’s somewhere in between working, being on holiday and being off sick when you were at school.

There’s a weird sense of relaxation when you wake and realise you don’t have to rush any one or anywhere.

Bursts of productivity and creativity on new campaigns and ideas for customers.

Precious family lunches and dinners. (can not keep groceries in the house btw)

Lunch-time news updates, Loose Women (the TV programme I might add 😉…)

watching loose women is part of the new normal

(Lunch with Loose Women)


There is some boredom, but also lots of laughs, sweets and ice-cream.

It’s now getting difficult to keep track of the days.


There are moments of elation when you are grateful for the time you have with the people you love and the good coming out of this.

Followed closely by moments of anxiety when you start to catastrophize the damage that could be done.


But how is our team dealing with this new normal?



(Digital Campaign Manager Natalie Gray)

“I’m embracing the indulgent side of life during lockdown on a journey I like to call #GrayBakes.

It’s no secret that I adore baking and extra time indoors has allowed me to whip up some personal favourites; blueberry muffins, lemon drizzle, brownies and more. (Sorry, MyFitnessPal.)

lemon drizzle cake

(Lemon Drizzy from the Natorius G)


For me, baking is soothing and resourceful.

Got fruit to use? Make a cake.

Got a spare carrot? Make a cake.

Left over chocolate? You get the idea.

Don’t worry, I’m also feeding my brain too by learning French on Duolingo. Great app. Highly recommend.”


(Project Manager Ellen McLean)

“Over the past few weeks, my appreciation for local food producers and suppliers has exploded.

I feel so lucky to have a handful of independent shops delivering us meat, vegetables & not to mention treats like Irish cheeses and just baked bread.

delivery of fresh food during the new normal

(Luxury local noms)


It’s been nice to focus on the simple pleasures during what is a strange & scary time.”



This is a major thing. 

Life, families and work will be changed, but no one can really know how much at this stage. 

That’s probably the scary part.

But this new normal somehow feels a bit less scary with the knowledge that we are in this together.

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