Why Attend SXSW Interactive?.

Jill Robb

Jill Robb

Digital Marketing Director
Strategy, Growth and Stylish Analytics

23rd October 2018Growth Marketing

South by South West Interactive 2015 in Austin, Texas looks set to be another great series of interactive and digital revelations from the top names in the digital space (plus a few celebs).

Having attended before, people often ask why I go- and its difficult to give just one reason.
From a business perspective being a digital marketing consultant and strategist, I am really in the knowledge industry. And knowledge is exactly what you need to ensure that you can continue to deliver results for your clients.

The digital landscape continues to move at an unfathomable speed- there is a full digital revolution underway. How websites are being designed, delivered and marketed has to change as the technologies we use change, so we constantly have to evolve to allow us to keep abridge of these changes.

South by South West is one of the most comprehensive digital and interactive conferences that I have attended, allowing me to up-skill and grow my knowledge in new areas of digital marketing, technology, strategy- and all from the mouths of the guys who are the drivers behind these technological changes.

Being at the coal face of all this technological change also offers another reason why you should attend SXSW.

The creativity and energy not only around this new technology but also seen in the many forms of guerilla marketing from other attendees is infectious and helps spark ideas and creativity in yourself. Harnessing this creativity for application to the work that we are creating for clients as well as ourselves enhances these strategies and takes them on to a different level.

It is also a refreshing way to meet businesses similar to ourselves or our clients, and listen to them talking so openly about their approaches, goals and strategies. Oftentimes this is a great way of sense checking or benchmarking yourself / your clients against other similar companies and/or spark some fresh ideas for approach.

All in all SXSW is great from a personal development and a business development angle we look forward to seeing you there and in fact we have our own guerilla marketing underway!

Pick up any of our Beermats that will be left strategically around town in Austin and take a quick selfie to make in into our #beermatbook global wall of digital fame!

We’ll also be conducting a series of blogs from our learnings at SxSW so stay tuned and Follow us on Twitter to receive updates.

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