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Cancer Fund for Children

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The Brief

Service Design

UX Design

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The Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children provide crucial support services to families going through tremendously difficult times. We provided our services on a pro bono basis to carry out a digital review 
of the community service providing recommendations on how digital tools and processes can help them work better.

Looking at the organisation through various lenses, challenging institutional assumptions, and focusing on the families. The end result is an independent, impartial review of an organisation that is conducted from the ‘outside-in’ using a Service Design framework.

Service Design is all about reviewing a service and making it meet the user and customer’s needs for the specific service. It can be used to improve an existing service or to create a new service from scratch.
In other words Service Design is how to get from A to B not in the quickest way but in the most smartest most efficient way.

Concepts for Family Finder Mobile App

The challenge

Manual and time consuming processes, negatively effected the operations of the charity

In relation to the Community Services area of Cancer Fund For Children we identified that there are 
2 pivotal processes:

Service User on-boarding
During our interviews, with all the relevant service personas, we found that the service user
on-boarding process was a very fragmented, frustrating and cumbersome process for a number of service personas. It is a paper based system and data validation is a massive problem area whereby if the information is wrong or incomplete (information wasn’t provided) this would stall an application and prevent the service user getting on-boarded.

This current process could take between 4-8 weeks depending on the paperwork – our proposed service structure below cuts this into a matter of days or even hours.

Daisy Lodge Booking
We were extremely impressed on our visit to Daisy Lodge and felt the team were very passionate and were a credit to Cancer Fund For Children however one fundamental flaw was quickly apparent and that was the absence of a suitable centralised booking system. Daisy Lodge should be treated as a Hotel and as such should have a fully encompassing centralised accessible reservation system.

The Future - Family Finder Mobile App

Digital Referral Process

Gone is the manual form filling process. 
A digital application form can be sent instantly for review – pre-validated and a family receiving help in a matter of days.

Family Management

The digital forms also allow for a family file to be created upon application. This centralised functionality makes family updates easier.


A place to create and manage events that staff can invite families too and share information with them.

Daisy Lodge Booking System

Brand new and easier than ever, an online booking system from the app will allow staff to book families away within minutes and daisy lodge staff with the power to manage these bookings.

Remote Access

With the family case features, staff can make sure details are kept up to date and families can receive the most suitable care.

One-App Solution

With the right foundation, this app would replace all of the manual processes and remove a lot of unneccessary admin work.


Alexa, tidy my room...

Other recommendations included WhatsApp hotel cards for Daisy Lodge so help or advice is only a quick message away. As well as an Alexa voice assistant concierge. Alexa could be used in the rooms to give families a list of events happening during their stay or asking for things to do in the area.

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