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The Cloudmore Experience

The Brief

Brand Identity



From their base in Stockholm, Cloudmore are expanding around the globe with a vision to lead in the era of ‘everything as a service’. They unlock commerce opportunities for businesses in a subscribed world. Providing the solutions which simplify buying, selling and managing services.

The Cloudmore team engaged us to help them shape their brand to represent their vision for the future and provide a website experience which is centred on their customer and representative of the culture, personality and aspirations of the business.

The challenge

As is often the case in the Tech space, the challenge is to simplify and clarify.

Do less talking about the technical features, and do more talking about the outcomes Cloudmore creates for its customers. Tell the story of the Cloudmore Experience, rather than list the features of the software. The other challenge is how to make a brand stand-out in a noisy and confusing marketplace, striking the balance between what Cloudmore is for it’s customers today and what it wants to be for them in the future.

The outcomes

Working closely with the Cloudmore Founders and Marketing team we successfully created a new Brand Identity with assets and messaging to communicate the Cloudmore Experience to key customer segments.

We also designed and built a new website experience which reflects the brand and includes journeys for both customers that are aware of Cloudmore services (today) and also those with future aspirations for their business. The site also includes motion graphics sequences to simplify the key features of the product ecosystem in more engaging ways for the customer.

We look forward to continuing to support Cloudmore as they help businesses succeed in the era of ‘everything as a service’.

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