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Helping Firmus Make New Digital Connections


Firmus energy have been a key partner of Origin as we continue to support them in their digital strategy to drive interest in switching to natural gas. As firmus Natural Gas is only available in specific locations throughout Northern Ireland, it’s extremely important to ensure that the advertising campaigns are reflective of this and the media spend is utilised to the maximum.

Firmus Energy

The challenge

Firmus energy wanted to amplify their digital presence by implementing a digital strategy to promote Natural Gas installations across Northern Ireland.

The challenge is to target homeowners who live on firmus pipeline network and promote the benefits of gas home heating.

The outcomes

The Solution

Due to the niche level of targeting available via social platforms, we were able to utilise channels such as Facebook and Instagram to really drive personalisation amongst the areas where Natural Gas is available to consumers. Through the use of flat images, video assets, carousels and messaging social was a key driver in the success of this campaign.

Origin created and rolled out a strategic digital campaign, utilising campaigns across paid search, display advertising, YouTube adverts and paid social media. Using this integrated mix of channels our approach used demographic, interest and geographic-based targeting coupled with Google remarketing to deliver both brand awareness and direct sales.

By availing of firmus’ promotions, (0% finance, discounted boiler installation, etc) and shouting about the benefits of gas (instant heat, constant hot water, etc) we were able to add a clear and concise value proposition to digital advertising assets.

The Outcomes

Having worked with firmus energy for over a year and a half, together we have warmly enjoyed:

  • 13.7% increase in website traffic year on year
  • Significant increase in revenue
  • The most successful month in firmus energy history (October 2017)
  • The most successful year in firmus energy history (2017)
  • Continual campaign improvements

Origin will continue to work with firmus energy to scope more opportunities that help promote Natural Gas installation to homes across Northern Ireland.

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