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Foxy AI

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The Brief

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A B2B PropTech leader in property intelligence, FoxyAI uses award-winning technology to solve crucial problems that arise within commercial and residential real estate across the US.

More specifically, the company takes real estate photos and uses Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Data Science, and AI to produce actionable data that real estate professionals would otherwise need to collect manually. The result? Users can instantly assess properties to generate new insights, save time and cut costs.

FoxyAI had the product, but they needed to simplify the complexities of this sophisticated software with a strong, consistent, and recognizable brand. As leaders within a highly technical real estate AI space, FoxyAI needed to work with a partner that could help them deconstruct the layers of their vision, culture and value proposition and build it up into a cohesive brand, story and website experience. With extensive experience in establishing strong brands in the competitive Proptech space, Origin was chosen to do precisely this.

The challenge

The challenge was to simplify & clarify the FoxyAI proposition and distinguish the brand from the competition.

We began by taking a multi-layered approach to the creation of a detailed brand vision model. In-depth interviews with FoxyAI sought to establish the brand’s overall presence were crucial in capturing the three-dimensional essence of FoxyAI. We then focused on simplifying the technical pitch into a beautiful and cohesive narrative which talks to key customer groups.

The outcomes

Origin delivered a brand that went beyond the functional benefits of FoxyAI.

Taking the less traditional route added layers to the FoxyAI brand, and more importantly longevity. This grounded every branding decision and produced assets that will stand the test of time as they represent all the best parts of FoxyAI as a product and a personality. These assets included a new logo, brand identity, website, explainer video, social media templates and guidelines, white papers, and case studies, which all captured FoxyAI’s newly established brand, and position as innovators, not just software providers.

As FoxyAI continue onto the next stage of their growth journey, we trust that the considered approach to the new brand, website and assets will continue to set up FoxyAI for success.

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