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CX, Content & Lead Generation Campaigns

The Brief

CX, Content & Lead Generation Campaigns

Gretel is a digital platform which enables Financial Institutions to reconnect with customers, improving financial inclusion, and maximising customer relationships. Their mission has grown in importance, given the current financial crisis facing many people in the UK.

The challenge

Many vulnerable customers find themselves in a situation where they have lost track of their assets and relationship with financial services providers. Pensions, bank accounts and investments slip into dormancy putting both the customer and the service provider at risk.

Origin have been challenged to help Gretel engage consumers and large financial institutions to get involved. Gretel is the path back for lost and dormant customers.

The outcomes

Working with the Gretel founding team throughout the past year we have supported them in the production of the digital customer experience, launching the Gretel MVP in the summer.

We are also helping the team shape the proposition and engage the target audience with creative digital content and campaigns.

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