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Don’t Have ‘One Too Many’ at the Airport!

2020 Digital DNA Marketing Campaign of the Year

The Brief

Digital Awareness Campaign

Campaign Creative

Alcohol is one of the main causes of disruptive passenger behaviour on aircrafts. We were invited to create a UK-wide digital marketing campaign to raise awareness of the need to fly responsibly and educate the public on the repercussions of disrupting a flight.

Disruptive passenger behaviour is one of the main reasons for aircraft diversions. A large volume of incidents are fuelled by alcohol. In 2017, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) figures highlighted 400 flights were affected by passenger misconduct. The airlines themselves claim the figure is closer to 4,000.

This is a growing concern for the UK CAA, which is why aviation laws forbid drunk passengers on an aircraft. Airlines also have the right to refuse boarding to passengers if they cause a risk to the safety of others.

One Too Many Digital Creative

The challenge

Our brief was to develop a digital campaign across main and supporting platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat) to drive awareness across the UK and at a number of individual airports.

We piloted the campaign across several UK airports back in summer 2018, supported by the UK Aviation Industry. Since then we’ve carried out further campaigns as more airports got involved. These airports include Glasgow, East Midlands, Manchester, Stansted, Gatwick and Birmingham.

Our research found that a generation of jetsetters use social media to “check-in” and “tag” airports in posts, photos and stories to share their travel experience online.

The campaigns were therefore targeted a younger audience aged 18-35 and consisted of two main social platforms (Facebook and Instagram), whilst being supported by Snapchat.

We found that disruptive behaviour was more common on flights to holiday destinations like Ibiza, Magaluf and Lanzarote. More of these flights departed at weekends. This helped to influence our budgeting and targeting strategy.

One Too Many Airport Advertisement

The Solution

Individual airport ads ran on Facebook. They were geo-targeted to within a 10-12km radius of each participating airport.

We also ran UK-wide ads on both Facebook and Instagram targeting a younger audience who were interested in travelling.

Using bold creatives, we illustrated holiday scenes like a golf trip abroad or socialising with friends on a beach. This quickly captured the attention of the audience. Each creative had a common theme – one person would be erased and stamped with a flight disruption penalty. For example, ‘Airline ban’ or ‘Up to 2 years in prison’.

Advert copy supported the individual creative. The headline remained consistent: ‘Fly responsibly or you could pay the price’.

We also utilised Snapchat as a supporting platform to encourage user generated content. Snapchat filters were geo-fenced over individual airport terminals, covering an area of 2.6 million square feet across the UK. We scheduled the filters to run against popular flights time. This complimented the duty free and bars opening and early flight departures.

The Outcomes

The campaigns have been a huge success.

For instance, our Summer 2019 campaign generated:

  • Over 4.3 million social impressions
  • Over 4,000 site visits within the six-week timeframe – a 20% increase year on year
  • Over 110,000 Snapchat filter swipes at just £0.03 per swipe
  • Over 147,000 Snapchat views as a result of users using the filter – a 50% increase YoY

Some additional outcomes included:

  • Organic mentions on other platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, increasing awareness of the campaign
  • National press coverage of the campaign with a combined reach in excess of 12 million
  • A decline of 25% in the number of drunk and disruptive passenger arrests on flights annually with Gatwick and Glasgow showing the biggest decreases

Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year

Our One Too Many campaign was named Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year at the 2020 Digital DNA Awards, beating out the likes of STATSports and the Belfast Giants.

marketing campaign of the year winner

Origin will continue to work on the campaigns to scope more opportunities that help promote One Too Many across the UK.

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