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Kingspan Environmental - Sensit

Tracking your oil so that you never run out

What we did

UX Research & Planning

UI Design

Mobile App Development

Helping customers understand their use of home heating oil and ensure they never run out.

The concept of a ‘connected home’ is rapidly growing in today’s modern world as consumers increasingly expect technology to improve their lives.


The challenge

Origin Digital worked with Kingspan...

Kingspan wanted to leverage this technology to improve their customer’s experience of using their remote sensors to manage their home heating oil usage.

Kingspan commissioned Origin Digital to develop a remote oil level monitoring App that would allow users to monitor their oil levels from anywhere (within the home and beyond) via phone, email or text with a remote kit. Enabling users to stay in control of their oil tank levels all year round and from any location.

Extending this functionality further, the app also collates users’ consumption data, presenting it to them it an easy to understand way and the app remotely shows them:

  • how much oil they use on a daily basis
  • when they are likely to run out of oil
  • on-demand oil level readings
  • heating oil usage and consumption data
  • Keep track and keep control

    Pair with Sensor

    Quickly and esily connect the App to the sensor in your home heating oil tank.

    Current Oil Level

    Never run out. Get a live reading on the amount of oil remaining in your tank.

    Track Usage

    Take control and undertand your energy usage.

    Re-order Reminders

    Make sure to stay ahead of the game and re-order before its too late!

    The Solution & Outcomes

    Pilot going live soon

    Kingspan are currently in negotiations with a number of national energy companies to provide a white-label version of the app to improve their Customer Experience. Watch this space…

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