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SmartCare Doc

Mobile GP Appointments and Video Consultations

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Origin Digital worked with 3FiveTwo Healthcare to create a mobile customer experience which would bring convenience and efficiency to the patient/doctor relationship.

We created a solution to allow doctors to work remotely with their patients, thus improving the service that the NHS and private practices can offer to their patients. One of the biggest challenges faced by the NHS is time, so having a solution that allows doctors to improve their time efficiency by allowing face to face video consultation is so important.

SmartCare Doc

The challenge

Connecting people with their GP quickly and easily.

Smart Care Doc came to Origin to develop a system where doctors could video call patients without the patient ever having to come into the surgery. This allows doctors to work remotely or in the practice, and allowing patients to access more appointments around their own schedule. Smart Care Doc has previously developed a system to do this, however the quality of the video needed to be enhanced in order for the product to compete in the market. Doctors needed a product where the video quality was on par with Apple Facetime.

Taking the hassle out of healthcare

Book Appointment

Book face to face and video consultation with your doctor at the click of a button. Search for next available or a specific day and time.

Video Consultation

Have a face to face video consultation with your preferred doctor from the comfort of your own home or when on the go.

Access Medical History

Quick access to view your medical history on your mobile.

Re-order Prescriptions

Need your next prescription? No need to see your doctor, just re-order it via the app and collect with ease.

The Solution & Outcomes

Pilot Launched!

The app has not only seen a lot of traction within the Smart Care Group, but other companies have been impressed with the product and the advantages of this doctor to patient portal. We have now launched a white labelled version for My GP Online in the Republic of Ireland. Local doctors have been very impressed with the quality of the video and the ease of use that the platform provides. Smart Care Doc will be rolled out to other healthcare groups in the coming months across the UK.

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